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Knit Melange variant image

-Adjustable nose-piece and earloops

-Soft 100% organic cotton lining

-5-layered PM2.5 filter included

Select Color: Charcoal

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Creativity Explored gives artists with developmental disabilities the means to create and share their work with the community, celebrating the power of art to change lives.

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Andrew Li is renowned for his loose, sketch drawing style that he has refined over 30 years. His most frequent subject matter includes busy, urban environments and all their elements (cityscapes, transportation, groups of people, pets). Typically sketching from life, Li incorporates what he observes into artwork with precise perspective and an attention to detail.

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Andrew Li


Perhaps influenced by his travels of the world, Dan Michiels’ work has a distinct psychedelic gravity. Using a ruler, a pencil, and an array of color, he painstakingly created renderings of the mind’s action. His artwork can be liberally amorphous registrations of shape and color or pulsating, rigorous grid structures, carefully filled-in to create a tessellated all-over composition.

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Dan Michiels


Though abstract in appearance, Marilyn Wong’s works reference a diverse range of source materials. Across her practice, whether working on paper or on her epic large-scale canvasses, her line is confident and gestural while simultaneously following a specific system of construction.

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Marilyn Wong


A master of pattern, Ethel Revita’s drawings and paintings are populated with brightly colored, joyful figures suspended against an equally vibrant background. She carefully composes each piece so that blocks of solid saturated colors play off of each other for a vibrating effect.

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Ethel Revita


Vincent Jackson is known for his large-scale figurative oil pastels and thick, defining lines that break the human form into geometric shapes filled with a heavy impasto of layered colors. The mask-­like works are a contemporary renewal of traditional African and Oceanic folk art imagery.

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Vincent Jackson